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About Me

My name is Harrison Deveer. I was born and raised in Ghana. Growing up, I had a pediatrician named Dr. Harrison, and I always wanted to be like him, helping people who were ill. Today, I am a Paramedic and Firefighter for Nikiski Fire Department. Not quite the Family Practice Physician that I wanted to be, but I have come to develop a passion for EMS. I have 16 years of experience as a Firefighter/Paramedic. In addition to working in the field, I have spent much time teaching, mostly in rural and industrial Alaska.

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My Story

I started HD Medical and Fire Services in January of 2022 to help meet the EMS training needs of rural and Industrial Alaska. As the senior captain of EMS at Nikiski Fire Department, I have always been involved in EMS training from Basic First Aid to Paramedic. I have also served on many organizations, such as the Implementation Task Force (ITF) for the State of Alaska EMS Office, during the 2019 Scope of Practice curriculum development. I needed to share my knowledge, passion, and experience in EMS with the rest of the world through teaching. Today, I continue to serve on the Southern Region EMS Council and the State of Alaska Medical Direction Committee.

I started HD Medical and Fire Services to offer onsite training to rural towns and villages, industrial work sites such as the North Slope and Oil Platforms, and asynchronous EMS training for organizations and individuals across the State and perhaps the nation. In addition, I aim to customize schedules and training needs for organizations and places struggling to get EMS training. HD Medical and Fire Services is also currently in the process of and hope to be soon an intermediary for the Department of Labor in offering EMT apprenticeship programs across the nation to help battle the issue of recruitment and retention in the EMS world.

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